Eastern-inspired interiors

Interiors inspiration can come from anywhere.

But for Pei Li, founder of Ori Bespoke, the inspiration behind his bespoke table lamp and cushion brand comes from the Chinese Lanterns he loved as a child.

The Chinese Lantern Festival is the climax of Chinese New Year celebrations, and for Pei it inspired him to redefine the traditional and create a luxury interiors brand which brings together traditional Chinese Su Embroidery and modern interior design.

Using the UNESCO-protected skill of Su Embroidery, Ori Bespoke’s professional team of craftspeople create beautiful, unique, hand-stitched designs.

These traditional Eastern imagery motifs are then combined with modern interior design – table lamps and cushions – to create a stunning range of luxury products which can be seen on the website.

He said: “As I child I used to join my family for Chinese Lantern Festival, which was always something very special. Each lantern was adorned with a motif, and each motif had meaning.

“These motifs and their symbolism have influenced my approach to design, helping me create functional art objects which preserve and revive a traditional oriental embroidery technique.”

The Kunlun Table Lamp, £1,100 from Ori Bespoke

The Kunlun table lamp is inspired by the shape of ancient Chinese coins, while the intricate silk design pays homage to the mysterious Kunlun mountain range – said to be the birthplace of many a mythical creature. 

This year’s Chinese Lantern Festival takes place on Saturday February 8 and is the final day of traditional Chinese New Year celebrations.

Pei added: “Our expertise in traditional handmade embroidery and decorative functional lighting have allowed us to create a bespoke new concept which is designed to a unique specification and handmade with the utmost precision.”