Lighting switch up

We might be enjoying 8 o’clock sunsets right now, but the longest day has been and gone which means pretty soon those nights are going to be drawing in and we are all going to need some illumination and a little lighting fix.

But don’t despair if dark mornings and even darker evenings are not your thing.

Stylish lighting is one of the biggest interior trends right now. So if you want to make sure your lighting is spot on in time for darker days, look no further…

This statement pendant from Rockett St George has a discreet gold interior to add a gorgeous glow effect

Trip the light fantastic

When it comes to changing your lighting scheme you have two main choices. You can choose to update your existing fixtures or go all out and have your lighting scheme completely redesigned and re-installed.

There are pros and cons with both options but ultimately, it all depends on how you want your home to look and how much you are prepared to spend in the process.

You can achieve amazing results with both options. So make your decision based on what works best for your budget and lifestyle.

Experts can help you create the perfect lighting scheme if you want to start from scratch. This kitchen installation is from John Cullen Lighting

Starting from scratch

Re-designing your lighting scheme is hugely exciting and can completely transform how you use each room in your home.

So think about how you want the space to be used. For example, will the dining table double as a study area for your children? Is the kitchen used solely to prepare food or is it used as an informal dining area?

Consider the natural light in each room and where this illuminates. Only when you have all this information can you start to design your new scheme.

One of the most popular trends at the moment is to hang a series of low-slung ceiling lights along the length of a dining table, instead of a single light in the centre of the room.

This creates beautiful mood lighting and highlights the area of the room used most often.  

You could use a similar scheme in the kitchen to create a informal dining area. If you want to keep the kitchen as a purely food prep area you could always opt to integrate your lighting with your cupboards.

Many kitchen designers incorporate strip lighting along the bottom of floor-level and wall-hung cupboards to create a truly ambient scheme.

Love the industrial look? These Vintage Pendant Lights from Thorlux were salvaged from an electrical substation are available from Skinflint

Olden is golden

If you don’t fancy the upheaval of a new scheme there is plenty that can be done to update your existing lighting.

New pendants will instantly update a tired scheme. Right now there is a huge appetite for the industrial look so choose a chunky metal light fixture to add appeal.

Consider installing a dimmer switch. It can make a massive difference to your room’s ambience and offers a versatile lighting solution. Just remember to hire an electrician to carry out the work safely, and make sure the light bulbs used are suitable for use with a dimmer switch.

You can also add lamps and floor lights to complement the existing scheme. Again, think about how you use each room specifically in your home. Is there a corner of your living room where you enjoy curling up with a book? Add a sweeping floor light to highlight that specific area instead of using the main light to illuminate the entire room.

Similarly, lighting can be used to great effect to highlight your favourite design touches. For example, a strategically placed table lamp will make a charity shop vase look like something picked up at an auction house.

But just remember, whatever you do with your lighting, do it safely. Always employ a professional to install any new fittings.