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Green and Pink Tiles from Porcelain Supestore

Pink and Green Tiles should always be seen

CONSUMER interest in pink and green tiles is at an all-time high according to data from Google.

Main Photo: by Anna Orlowska; Interior design project by Na Antresoli

Research carried out by Porcelain Superstore showed searches for ‘Pink Tiles’ and ‘Green Tiles’ are the highest since records began and have doubled within the last 12 months within the search engine’s “Home and Garden” category.

Porcelain Superstore Director Abbas Youssefi said: “Pink and Green have seen huge growth recently. Homeowners are getting more ambitious in their interior schemes, moving away from clinical white and experimenting with colour in every area of the home.

“From small projects like kitchen splashbacks and fire surrounds to bigger schemes such as kitchen and bathroom overhauls, colourful tiles are playing a major role in these renovations.”

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Green, especially darker shades has become the go-to colour for modern kitchen diners and bathrooms, working beautifully with pinks which is winning over homeowners with its versatility and appeal.

Porcelain Superstore carried out the research using the Google Trends platform, which takes into account over 3.5 billion searches a day.

Searches for ‘Pink Tiles’ within the Home and Garden category, have doubled in the last 12 months to reach the highest point since Google records began in 2004.
Green tiles have following a similar trajectory over the last 12 months, with massive consumer interest driving the term to its highest point in 16 years.

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Abbas added: “As homeowners get more adventurous with their interiors, the areas previously dominated by neutrals and clinical whites are being reimagined with a colourful spin.

“Combine this with the evolution of the tile market, which has seen more affordable options as porcelain and ceramic tiles become more readily available, and you can see why the search for pink and green are soaring.”