Plant Power

TWO years after the botanical trend first swept its way into homes, our passion for all things plant-like shows little sign of abating.

From wisteria-inspired wallpaper to soft furnishings packed with petals and prints, it’s clear this trend will be blooming for some time.

But if you really want to get the botanical look in the home, there is one very simple, yet hugely effective way to go… buy some houseplants.

Wisteria Botanical Green Wallpaper by Pearl Lowe for Woodchip & Magnolia – £120 per roll

Health benefits of the humble houseplant

Introducing plants in the home will not only give your pad a boost in the style stakes, but they also bring with them some magical mood enhancing powers.

Plants are proven to help reduce stress and increase creativity, as well as helping to lower toxins in the air.

Take the English Ivy – the beautiful draping plant. Not only does it look stunning placed in the corner of a room, with all its draping leaves cascading down it is also said to be the top houseplant for purifying air.

Got a pet? The Spider Plant – think thin leaves pointing at every angle – is non-toxic to animals and is pretty low-maintenance. Ideal if you’re not the most green-fingered of folks.

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Go all out with a living wall

It’s a craze that has made the leap from corporate spaces to the home and while some people may not be familiar with the term living wall, they soon will be.

The term is given to an entire wall covered by living plants and while they look fabulous, their benefits go way beyond aesthetic appeal.

Not only do they help boost mood and increase productivity, the colours from a wall of living plants are so raw and natural in their beauty, they react with light in ways that traditional interior décor can’t even come close to.

However, one quick word of warning if you are thinking about putting a living wall in the home – always get expert advice from a company. This is not something you and your dad can do in one weekend.

Fake it!

Artificial plants still have plenty of health benefits and while they won’t purify the air, they still help reconnect people to nature which in turn can drive away bad moods.

Plus, they are completely safe around pets and require absolutely no maintenance (except for a quick dust).

Old plants, new pots

If you’re already sold on the benefits of introducing plants to your living space, some new plant pots might be on the cards.

Forget terracotta pots in an endless of array of sizes, today’s plant pots have undergone the designer treatment. From intricately patterned pieces to bold statement colours, these garden centre staples now have mass market appeal and are popping up everywhere, from supermarkets to lifestyle shops.