The bedroom revamp that’s child’s play

A child’s bedroom is often the trickiest of rooms to style.

After all, childhood is transient, so what suits a three-year-old differs greatly to what a seven-year-old wants in their bedroom.

But there is something to special about the challenge of a child’s bedroom. Children are full of personality and imagination, and they have some fabulous ideas, from walls they can draw on (thank you chalkboard paint) to reading nooks and Lego building stations.

If your child has outgrown their current room, or it no longer matches their personality, it’s time to sit down together and create a bold new scheme that ticks all the right boxes.

The basics

Has your child outgrown their toddler bed? Is a younger sibling about to move into the same room? Are exams approaching and a new desk needed?

A bedroom has to be a lot of things at once; a haven in which to sleep, a playroom or place to unwind, and even a study when those all-important exams are approaching.

So before grabbing a paintbrush, consider what basic furnishings the room needs and invest in the best you can afford. Build a decent foundation based on your child’s (or children’s) current needs and plan to rest of the remodelling around these key pieces.

Use key pieces, such as a statement rug, to stamp your child’s personality on the room. This Bubbles Rug is from Sonya Winner Rug Studio

Clear the clutter

Whether they are six months, six years or 16, children come with clutter; from chunky plastic toys, the aforementioned Danish building blocks or stacks and stacks of textbooks. And unless you want it spilling into other areas of the home, storage is a necessity.

Thankfully, we have come a long way from the days of uniform flatpack solutions and there are some stunning options that will pack a punch in the style stakes.

From seating with secret storage, floating frames for books and vintage crates attached to walls – there are a plethora of options to ensure you can create plenty of floor space for your child to play in (or revise) while keeping their treasured possessions stowed safely.

Want a more unique spin? Shop around for an old distressed cupboard and work together to give it the upcycling treatment. Or why not opt for a personalised storage bag from one of the UK’s independent crafters?

Innovative storage is a great, and practical addition, to any kid’s bedroom. This Industrial Kids Locker Storage Bench is from Cuckooland


As we have established, a child’s bedroom has a number of purposes.

So when planning a new look, ensure you create distinct spaces or zones for each purpose. A desk needs to be well lit, which means it being placed under the main light source or close to a plug socket – who wants extension cords running across a room?

For younger children, create a relaxing reading nook by placing floating books shelves on two adjoining corners and adding huge cushions and beanbags to create a secluded spot in which to unwind.

And if your child wants their own dressing up space, but room is at a premium, why not add a mirror to the inside of their wardrobe door as well as some small boxes for accessories. While it may not be the walk-in wardrobe of their dreams, it’s a great compromise.

Defining spaces is a big one when it comes to a shared room, ensuring each child can express their identity. Let them pick out their own bedding, and choose artwork to reflect their personalities. And if space allows, use sheer curtains to partition the room to create a definitive area they can call home.

Let children stamp their own personality with some new bedding or curtains – this set is the London Embroidered Children’s Bed Linen from The Fine Cotton Company