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Travel-influenced interiors to beat the lockdown blues

Holidays may seem like a dim and distant memory as lockdown continues.

But if you need to inject a little wanderlust into your life, why not look to holidays past for some interiors inspiration.

Postcards from the past

Whether you holiday at home or abroad, postcards are an inexpensive trinket to remind you of your travels.

But what do you do with them once you’re home? Get them on display! Pick a multi-aperture frame and fill it with postcards grouped by colour, style or simply destination.

If your style is a little more vintage-inspired, why not look online for decades-old postcards from your favourite destination. Authentic yet relatively inexpensive compared to other items from a similar period, these postcards will show a different side to your destination.

If you’re a fan of holidaying in the UK, you could even look at collecting some reproduction travel posters from the halcyon days of the train. These budget-friendly prints look fabulous in simple frames and you could create your own gallery wall.

Making memories

Jars and vases are a great way to showcase what otherwise might be described as clutter.

Perhaps you pick a pebble from every beach you visit, maybe you buy a pin-badge from the towns you travel to or do you just collect random trinkets from a hotel room.

Popping them into a glass vase or jar adds an eclectic touch where said receptacle is placed. A mason jar filled with hotel toiletries will look great in a bathroom, while a vase filled with pebbles will bring something new to a fire surround.

Home or away

Often a suitcase is not big enough for the souvenirs you really want to bring home. Which is where the internet really comes into its own.

When you’re back from your break, search for those big-ticket homewares inspired by your favourite travel destinations, a rich red Moroccan rug, artisan pottery from Africa or a chest of drawers inspired by items bartered and traded in a bazaar for example.

These homewares will stand out and make a real style statement. Even in a home with a clear minimalistic direction, a few carefully chosen items can serve as vibrant focal points, breaking up expanses of pale colour palettes.

Even in the most inspiring glossy magazine worthy homes, interior design needn’t mean keepsakes are hastily hidden away in a memory box. Interior design can be stylish and personalised in equal measure. So unleash your creativity and see just where it can take you.